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E64: How Startups Can Access $13 Trillion in Retirement Capital - Eric Satz

E64 • May 7, 2024 • 34 mins

Eric Satz, CEO of Alto, sits down with David Weisburd to discuss how startups can access $13 trillion in retirement capital. In addition, they discuss why to invest in alternative assets via retirement capital, strategies for personal venture portfolio construction and how cryptocurrency fits into alternative asset investing.

Key Points

  • Peter Thiel's Roth IRA investment in Facebook exemplifies the potential of using retirement funds to invest in alternative assets, highlighting the importance of allowing individuals to diversify their retirement savings into businesses and startups.
  • Alto has streamlined the process of using IRA funds for alternative investments, integrating with platforms like AngelList, and continues to evolve with a marketplace that allows investors to find and invest in various funds, emphasizing the significance of alternative assets in portfolio diversification.
  • The growth of Alto coincided with the increasing recognition of alternative assets' importance in investment portfolios, demonstrating how timing and understanding market trends are crucial for startup success.
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