E75: Insight Partners’ Direct and Fund of Funds Strategy
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E75: Insight Partners’ Direct and Fund of Funds Strategy

E75 • Jul 9, 2024 • 18 mins

Dionne Chingkoe and Samer Yousif of Insight Partners sit down with David Weisburd to discuss Insight’s direct and fund of funds investment strategies. They cover the importance of adding value beyond capital to both founders and emerging managers, the landscape of multi-stage VCs investing in emerging managers, and check size driving fund strategy for GPs. Insight Partners’ 20/20 Vision Capital Fund supports diverse-led, top-tier, early-stage venture funds providing growth and seed capital to companies in the US and abroad. Insight believes that partnering and investing with these GPs is an effective way to drive much needed diversity in the venture capital industry.

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Dionne Chingkoe

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David Weisburd

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